The University of Washington Quality of Life Instrument (UW-QOL) was developed to evaluate patients with head and neck cancer. It was revised to improve accuracy and to respond to criticisms of the original instrument. The new instrument was found to measure overall quality of life in the affected patients consistently and reliably over time.


Parameters in revised version:

(1) domain score (10 items)

(2) items most important during the preceding week (out of 10 symptoms)

(3) general questions for global assessment (3 items)


Changes from original form: 2 domains that correlated poorly were removed.


Responses for domain and general items were scored from 0 (poor) to 100 (good).


composite domain score =

= SUM(points for domains) / 10 =

= MEAN(points for domains)


composite global score =

= SUM(points for global items) / 3 =

= MEAN(points for global items)



• minimum composite score: 0

• maximum composite score: 100

• The higher the composite score the better the quality of life.



• The revised format has an internal consistency score of 0.85.


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