Menzies developed a score based on features seen on surface microscopy of pigmented skin lesions. This can help separate benign lesions from malignant melanoma.


(1) symmetry (symmetry of colors or structures along any axis drawn through the center of the lesion)

(2) number of colors

(3) 9 characteristics


Benign lesions show both:

(1) symmetry

(2) 1 color


Malignant melanomas show all of the following:

(1) asymmetry

(2) more than 1 color

(3) >=1 of 9 key characteristics


9 characteristics:

(1) blue-white veil (irregular, confluent, structureless, blue pigmentation with an overlying hazy appearance)

(2) multiple brown dots

(3) multiple blue-gray dots

(4) multiple peripheral black dots and/or globules

(5) pseudopods

(6) radial streaming (radially oriented extensions of the pigment network at the periphery of a lesion)

(7) multiple colors (>= 5)

(8) a broadened pigment network (localized pigment network in which the line segments are thickened and irregular)

(9) scarlike depigmentation

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