Functional dyspepsia. Criteria for its diagnosis were provided by the Rome II conference.


Criteria for the diagnosis of functional dyspepsia - all of the following:

(1) A duration of symptoms >= 12 cumulative weeks over the past 12 months (may or may not be consecutive).

(2) Persistent or recurrent discomfort or pain centered in the upper abdomen.

(3) No evidence that the discomfort or pain is associated with the irritable bowel syndrome (not exclusively relieved by defecation, not associated with a change in stool frequency, and not associated with a change in stool form or consistency)

(4) No evidence of organic disease after a careful evaluation.



(1) ulcer-like: chief complaint is pain centered in the upper abdomen

(2) dysmotility-like: chief complaint an unpleasant or troublesome discomfort in the upper abdomen (may be described as fullness, early satiety, bloating, nausea)

(3) nonspecific (dyspepsia not ulcer-like or dysmotility-like)


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