Myles et al developed the QoR (Quality of Recovery) score that allows patients to describe the experience of recovery following anesthesia and surgery. This can be used as a quality measure for anesthesia services. The authors are from Bethesda Hospital, Alfred Hospital and Monash University in Victoria, Australia.


The patient is asked 9 questions related to symptoms during the recovery.




not at all


some of the time


most of the time



total QoR score =

= SUM(points from all 9 questions)



• minimum QoR score: 0

• maximum QoR score: 18

• The higher the score the better the quality of life during the recovery.

• Patients with lower scores tended to have more complications and less satisfaction.



• Some patients will have disabilities prior to surgery that will persist postoperatively. These chronic problems need to be distinguished from problems consequent to the anesthesia or surgery.


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