The Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing (PUSH) is an instrument for evaluating a pressure ulceration. This can be used to monitor the status of the ulcer over time and the response to interventions. It was developed by PUSH Task Force and sponsored by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.


NOTE: This is Version 3.0 (09/15/1998), and is copyrighted by the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel.


Examination: The largest pressure ulcer is evaluated. This may be measured at the time of admission and at the time of discharge from an institution.



(1) area (length times width in square cm, scored from 0 to 10))

(2) amount of exudate (scored from 0 to 3)

(3) tissue type (scored from 0 to 4)



• The area is based on the maximum length times the maximum width of the lesion in cm.

• The exudate is based on the amount of drainage present after removal of the dressing and before applying any topical agent to the ulcer.



= SUM(points for the 3 parameters)



• minimum score: 0

• maximum score: 17

• The higher the score, the more severe the ulceration.


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