Russell et al developed the FROP-com questionnaire to determine the falls risk for an older person living in the community. This consists of 26 items, and a 3-item screening subset has use in general practice. The authors are from the University of Melbourne, LaTrobe University and Monash University in Australia.

Patient selection: age >= 60 years, community dwelling, following ED visit for a fall, able to walk independently


Outcome: falls in the next 12 months


Screening items:

(1) number of falls in preceding 12 months

(2) observation of the patient's balance

(3) need for assistance to perform domestic activities of daily living


Each item was scored from 0 to 3. The point assignment for number of falls is not specified.


total score =

= SUM(points for all 3 items)



• minimum score: 0

• maximum score: 9

• The higher the score the greater the risk of falls.

• A score >= 3 or >= 4 can be used to identify a patient who should have a more formal evaluation.



• The area under the ROC curve was 0.73.

• A cut-off of >=3 has a sensitivity of 85% and specificity of 43%.

• A cut-off of >=4 has a sensitivity of 70% and specificity of 59%.

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