Bernstein et al developed the Emergency Department Work Index (EDWIN) to evaluate the workload in the Emergency Department. The authors are from Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, St. Barnabas Health Care System (Newark), Mount Sinai School of Medicine (NYC), and Yale University.


Patient triage: Patients in the ED were triaged based on 5 triage categories from 1 (least acute) to 5 (most acute) using the Emergency Severity Index (ESI)



(1) number of patients in each triage category

(2) number of attending physicians in the ED

(3) number of beds and treatment bays in the ED

(4) number of patients in the ED waiting for a hospital bed (admitted patients)



= ((number of patients in category 1) + (2 * (number of patients in category 2)) + (3 * (number of patients in category 3)) + (4 * (number of patients in category 4)) + (5 * (number of patients in category 5))) / ((number of attendings) * ((number of ED beds and bays) - (number of ED patients waiting for a hospital bed)))



• minimum score: 0

• meaningless results: no attendings present or number of patients waiting for admission is >= to number of beds or treatment bays



< 1.5


1.5 - 2.0


> 2



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