The Duke-UNC (University of North Carolina) Functional Social Support Questionnaire is a multidimensional, self-administered instrument which assesses the social support that a person perceives that he or she has. The social support is measured as 2 scales for confidant or affective support. Initially 14 questions were proposed, with 8 retained in the final form. While simple to use, it may be limited in some populations (black, male, elderly) and it does not cover all dimensions of social support.




The final instrument contained 8 items.


Basic format for responses to questions: "I get..."

(a) as much as I would like

(b) almost but not quite as much as I would like



(e) much less than I would like


Confidant support: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Affective support: 1, 2, 8


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