The Baby Check Scoring System is used for the evaluation sick infants less than 6 months of age in developing countries or busy outpatient clinics. It can help separate high risk infants who need more intensive care from healthy or mildly affected ones.


(1) Score each item according to the exact wording of the question.

(2) Only score an item if it is definitely present.

(3) The baby can be rescored at any time to assess changes in the severity of the illness.


Questions related to symptoms over the preceding 24 hours: 7 items


Examination of the awake baby: 4 items


Examination of undressed baby: 8 items


baby check score =

= (points for symptoms) + (points for examination of the baby awake) + (points for examination of undressed infant)



• minimum score: 0

• maximum score: 111 points





0 - 7

well or mildly ill

Infant unlikely to need medical care at the moment,

8 - 12

unwell but not likely to be seriously ill at the moment

Contact health care provider for advice. Monitor the child closely, and reassess if condition worsens.

13 - 19

moderately to severely ill

Arrange to have child examined by a physician.

>= 20

seriously ill

Take the infant to see a physician immediately.


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