Terry's nails refer to an apparent leukonychia associated with a number of systemic disorders.



(1) Whitish pallor of the nail beds over the proximal three-quarters of the nail bed.

(2) Band of pink, red or brown over the distal portion of the nail between the zone of pallor and the where the free edge of the nail begins. This zone measures 0.5 to 3 mm in width.

(3) It affects all nails uniformly.


The pallor can be mimicked by pressing on a nail with another fingernail. In a normal person the pallor disappears once the pressure is released (capillary refill).


Systemic disorders which may be associated with Terry's nails:

(1) congestive heart failure

(2) diabetes mellitus

(3) cirrhosis of the liver

(4) renal failure

(5) malnutrition


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