TAPS (Tobacco, Alcohol, Prescription medication, Substance use) screening tool can be used in primary care to screen for substance misuse. The tool is administered in 2 phases - TAPS1 initially, then TAPS2 if TAPS1 positive. The tools use is supported by NIDA.

Time period: past 12 months


Screening questions:

(1) how often have you used tobacco products?

(2) how often have you consumed excessive alcohol in one day (>= 5 drinks for male, >= 4 drinks for female)?

(3) how often have you used a substance: marijuana, cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamine, hallucinogens, ecstasy?

(4) how often have you used any prescription drug just for the feeling, or taken more than prescribed, or prescribed for someone else?

(5) how often have you taken any other drugs or prescription (mood-altering) medications?


If a screening question is positive, then additional questions are asked (TAPS2).

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