Pudendal neuralgia is associated with pain and other symptoms within the distribution of the pudendal nerve.


Main symptoms:

(1) pelvic pain

(2) bowel dysfunction

(3) urinary dysfunction

(4) sexual dysfunction


The pain is typically worse when sitting and relieved on standing. It tends to involve the perineum; the zone of possible involvement extends lateral several centimeters from a line connecting the genitals the anus.


Bowel dysfunction may include:

(1) constipation

(2) difficulty in passing stool

(3) a feeling of a foreign object in the rectum

(4) anorectal pain before, during or after a bowel movement


Urinary dysfunction may include:

(1) hesitancy

(2) urgency

(3) frequency

(4) poor stream (slow and/or interrupted)

(5) dysuria


Sexual dysfunction may include:

(1) pain during intercourse

(2) difficulty in achieving orgasm

(3) genital burning sensation

(4) erectile dysfunction in male

(5) sexual arousal syndrome in a female


The presence of one or more of these findings should prompt an evaluation of the patient for pudendal neuralgia.


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