Summation for maximum diameters in varicose veins is an easy and accessible method for measuring the severity of varicose veins. The authors were from Paris, France.


7 regions defined for each lower extremity:

(1) proximal thigh

(2) mid thigh

(3) distal thigh, to knee

(4) proximal lower leg, from knee

(5) mid lower leg

(6) distal lower leg, to ankle

(7) foot


sum of maximum diameters =

= SUM(maximum diameter of a varicose vein in mm for each region)


maximum diameter of varicose vein for a lower extremity =

= MAX(maximum diameters for the 7 regions)



• The higher the scores, the more severe the varicose veins.


Performance in study compared to specialist scores:

• correlation coefficient for maximum diameter in extremity: 88%

• correlation coefficient for summation of maximum diameter in each region: 94%

• percent well-classified based on maximum diameter in extremity: 83.2%

• percent well-classified based on summation of maximum diameter in each region: 85.62%


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