Sudden death can occur in a patient with an atrial myxoma.

An atrial myxoma may be silent or be symptomatic.


Symptoms may include:

(1) syncope and/or vertigo

(2) embolization

(2a) pulmonary embolism on right sided

(2b) peripheral emboli on left side: TIA, stroke, coronary arteries

(3) myalgia or muscle weakness

(4) weight loss

(5) arthralgia

(6) fatigue

(7) fever


Causes of sudden death may include:

(1) massive pulmonary embolism

(2) obstruction of a coronary artery

(3) acute obstruction of blood flow across the tricuspid or mitral valve (ball valve effect)


Histologic exam of thromboemobli show myxomatous material.

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