North and Fiske reported the Succession, Identity, and Consumption (SIC) ageism scale to identify intergenerational tension and hostility. The authors are from Princeton University.


(1) succession

(2) identity

(3) consumption



(1) If it weren't for older people opposed to changing the way things are, we could probably progress much more rapidly as a society.

(2) The older generation has an unfair amount of political power compared to younger people.

(3) Most older people don't know when to make way for younger people.

(4) Most older workers don't know when it's time to make way for the younger generation.

(5) Older people are often too stubborn to realize they don't function like they used to.

(6) Younger people are usually more productive than older people at their jobs.

(7) Job promotion should not be based on older worker's experience rather than their productivity.

(8) It is unfair that older people get to vote on issues that will impact younger people much more.


Identity - generally older people:

(1) typically should not go to places where young people hang out

(2) should not hang out at places for younger people

(3) should not go clubbing

(4) probably should not use Facebook

(5) should not even try to act cool



(1) doctors spend too much time treating sickly older people

(2) older people are too big a burden on the healthcare system

(3) older people are often too much of a burden on families

(4) at a certain point older people's maximum benefit to society is passing along their resources

(5) older people should not be so miserly with their money if younger relatives need it

(6) older people do not really need to get the best seats on buses and trains

(7) AARP wastes charity money


Similar items: S3 and S4; I1 and I2; C1 and C2




strongly disagree


moderately disagree


slightly disagree


slightly agree


moderately agree


strongly agree




minimum succession score if similar items removed: 7

maximum succession score if similar items removed: 42

minimum identity score if similar items removed: 4

maximum identity score if similar items removed: 24

minimum consumption score if similar items removed: 6

maximum consumption score if similar items removed: 36

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