The Stylohyoid Complex Syndrome is similar to Eagle Syndrome.

The stylohyoid complex consists of:

(1) styloid process of the temporal bone

(2) lesser horn of the hypoid bone

(3) stylohyoid ligament


The stylohyoid complex syndrome is a congenital anomaly with an elongated styloid process (> 30 mm) and/or stylohyoid chain ossification not due to trauma or surgery.


Eagle syndrome is similar but has a history of previous trauma or surgery.



(1) dysphagia

(2) headache

(3) hemifacial, neck and pharyngeal pain. The facial pain may be in a trigeminal distribution.

(4) pain when swallowing, speaking or opening the mouth

(5) foreign body sensation in the oropharynx

(6) pain radiating to the ear that may be worsened by rotating the head

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