It is important that a nitroglycerin tablet maintains it potency if it is to be effective for a patient with angina. Failure to store and handle nitroglycerin tablets correctly can result in


Nitroglycerin tablets are sensitive to:

(1) heat

(2) light

(3) moisture


If the pills are kept in the original container and if the top is kept tightly sealed (ideal conditions), then the pills should maintain potency to the expiration date. The manufacturer's container is the best place to store the tablets.


Some patients are instructed to discard any unused pills 6 months after opening the original container.


Potency can be lost more quickly if major problems in storage occur.


Problems can occur if the pills are kept:

(1) in a car during the summer or a hot workplace

(2) at a gym

(3) without an indication of an expiration date

(4) outside of a storage container

(5) in a suboptimal container


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