Lazarchik and Filler recommended a number of steps to prevent or reduce the severity of dental erosions associated with gastric acid exposure. These are intended to reduce the amount of acid or limit its effect on the teeth. The authors are from the University of Alabama.


Dental care:

(1) Wear a barrier mouthguard during reflux.

(2) Do not brush teeth immediately after reflux.

(3) Apply topical fluoride daily.

(4) Rinse mouth and teeth with liquid antacid, sodium bicarbonate or fluoride mouthwash.

(5) Use antacids, allowing them to dissolve in mouth.


Changes in food and diet:

(1) Avoid acidic foods.

(2) Avoid acidic drinks, including soft drinks.


Maintain good flow of saliva:

(1) Chew sugarless gum to stimulate salivary flow.

(2) Avoid xerostomic drugs.

(3) Lubricate oral tissues with saliva substitute if xerostomia develops.


Treat the underlying cause for the acid exposure (GERD, bulimia, etc.)


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