A person who is being stalked is at risk for physical and/or psychological trauma. The risk also extends to other people that the stalkee knows.

Factors indicating a higher level of risk for the person being stalked:

(1) an increasing number of stalking incidents (escalation)

(2) evidence of a detailed knowledge of the stalkee

(3) sexual and/or threatening comments in communications

(4) evidence of a weapon

(5) repeated threats to injure the stalkee

(6) delusional beliefs

(7) failure of the stalkee to notify the police or to take steps to protect self

(8) a history of violence by the stalker against the stalkee in the past

(9) stalkee accessible (at home, at work, while traveling, while shopping)


Factors indicating a level of risk for someone who knows the person being stalked:

(1) viewed by the stalker as a rival for affection of the stalkee (jealousy)

(2) viewed by the stalker as being responsible for the stalker's failures (revenge)

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