A complex confidence game can evolve over a period of time and involve a number of people and props. Such a "long" con progesses through a basic sequence.

Persons involved:

(1) the con artist

(2) the associates or confederates

(3) the mark or victim


Stages of a confidence game:

(1) performing the foundation work

(2) approaching the mark

(3) build-up

(4) pay-off or convincer

(5) the hurrah, which involves a crisis that forces the mark to act immediately

(6) the in-and-in

(7) getaway




performing the foundation work

identifying the mark, determining the angle, hiring confederates, developing a script

approaching the mark

making the initial contact with the targeted victim


getting the person hooked, often by appealing to the person's greed, desire and/or ego

pay-off or convincer

the mark receives or wins something as a taste of what is to come (sets the hook)

the hurrah

a crisis that forces the mark to act immediately (now or never)

the in-and-in

a confederate acting as a bystander puts in money to convince the mark that the deal is legitimate

exit or getaway

the con artist and confederates disappear


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