BPMN, CMMN and DMN are standards-based software tools used for modeling and notation of business processes, decisions, and case management. Development of a computer guideline using these tools follows a sequence of stages corresponding to various programming tasks.

These stages are similar to the L1 to L4 stages of the World Health Organization (WHO). However, each stage alligns to the addition of specific features.




narrative elicitation

written guideline

concept model with shared data

concept models, terminology, business rules, codes and other key features of the guideline

computational independent model

initial development of the required models in DMN, BPMN and CMMN; the models can be animated manually but cannot execute

platform independent model (PIM)

specifying all of the required software elements required for execution; when complete the model can be executed manually but it is not interfaced to the local electronic health record (EHR)

platform specific model (PSM)

integration of the models into a specific practice setting using a bidirectional interface with the local electronic health record (EHR)


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