A number of specific conditions may cause vulvar pain. The diagnosis of vulvodynia requires that they be excluded.


Conditions that may be causes of vulvar pain:

(1) active infection

(1a) vulvovaginal candidiasis

(1b) Herpes simplex virus (HSV)

(1c) other sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

(1d) genital schistosomiasis

(2) neoplasia

(2a) squamouos cell carcinoma

(2b) Paget's disease

(3) chemical or thermal burn

(4) immune-mediated inflammation

(4a) lichen planus

(4b) immunobullous disorders

(4c) contact allergy

(5) neurologic disorders

(5a) post-herpetic neuralgia (Herpes zoster or Herpes simplex)

(5b) compression of a spinal nerve supply the vulva

(5c) a peripheral neuropathy


The presence of one or more of the above conditions would probably exclude the diagnosis of vulvodynia for the patient.


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