Cho et al identified sonographic findings that can help predict technical problems in a patient undergoing a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. This can help identify a patient who may have complications or who may benefit from an open procedure. The authors are from Ewha Womans University and Mokdong Hospital in Korea.


Sonographic findings associated with technical difficulties:

(1) gallbladder volume >= 50 mL

(2) gallbladder wall thickness >= 0.3 cm (>= 3.0 mm)

(3) presence of color Doppler signals in the gallbladder wall (indicate an inflamed and edematous gallbladder wall)


Sonographic findings associated with a prolonged operative time:

(1) presence of a stone in the common bile duct

(2) dilatation of the common bile duct to >= 0.8 cm (>= 8.0 mm)

(3) presence of Doppler signals in the gallbladder wall

(4) increased power Doppler signals in the adjacent liver


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