Slippery slope refers to a belief that often is fallacious, but not always.


With the slippery slope the person will not take an action or let it occur, because s/he believes that this will lead inexorably to a bad end. This is likened to starting to walk down an icy hill.


The classic slippery slope is a single, continuous slope. An alternative is the slippery stairs, with the downward trajectory involving a series of separate stages.



(1) all or nothing thinking - once something is started then it is impossible to stop.

(2) a means to gain control over something terrifying



(1) smoking marijuana eventually leads to heroin addiction

(2) kicking a cat leads to serial killing


Whether or not a situation will lead to catastrophe depends on a careful and realistic analysis of the situation.

(1) Is there a system of checks and balances in place?

(2) What appear to be the other person's intentions?

(3) Are the concerns justified?

(4) Am I being objective and realistic?

(5) What has happened previously?


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