Dogs come in several sizes. The size of a dog has a number of implications.


Ways of describing the size of a dog:

(1) adult weight

(2) height

(3) length from base of neck to base of tail

(4) chest circumference


Implications of a dog's size:

(1) size of a dog bite

(2) force of a dog bite

(3) effect of sheer weight, especially for infants and people who are ill or disabled

(4) pulling power

Weight of an Adult Dog


<= 10 lbs (4.5 kg)

very small (miniature)

11 to 25 lbs (5 to 11.4 kg)


26 to 40 lbs (11.8 to 18.2 kg)


41 to 70 lbs (18.6 to 31.8 kg)


71 to 90 lbs (32.3 to 40.9 kg)

extra or very large

91 to 110 lbs (41.4 to 50 kg)

extra, extra large (XX-large, giant)


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