Burton reported the sitting-height index of build for children, adolescents and young adults. This may be a better measure of adiposity than the body mass index (BMI). The author is from the University of Glasgow.

Premise: Leg length is an insignificant predictor of body mass after the age of 9 years.



(1) sitting height in meters

(2) body mass in kilograms


sitting-height index in kg per cubic meter =

= (body mass) / ((sitting height)^3)


ratio of SHIB to BMI =

= (kg/((sitting height)^3) / (kg /((standing height)^2) =

= ((standing height)^2) / ((sitting height)^3)



• The cutoff for being overweight at an age using SHIB is ratio (above) times the BMI cutoff. For example, at age 20 years the cutoff for overweight is 25 kg per square meter and the ratio is 4, so the cutoff for SHIB is 100 kg per cubic meters.

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