A child or adolescent who is being bullied may show one or more signs. Recognition of these signs can alert a parent or teacher that there may be a problem.


Signs that a child or adolescent may be being bullied:

(1) Claiming to be sick in order to avoid school or certain situations.

(2) Avoiding certain people, places or situations.

(3) Becoming more withdrawn.

(4) Being more aggressive and/or self-destructive.

(5) Increased crying, anxiety, sadness or depression.

(6) Bruises or other signs of physical injury.

(7) Deterioration in school performance.

(8) Recurrent unexplained physical complaints (stomach ache, headache, fatigue).

(9) Hungry after school.

(10) Loss of money, clothing or items.

(11) Difficulty sleeping.

(12) Being unwilling to talk about certain things.

(13) Bullying others.

(14) Bedwetting.


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