A worker may not be aware that his/her job is at risk until too late. Job vulnerability may be indicated by a number of behaviors by employers and co-workers.

Signs that a person's job is at risk:

(1) The person is no longer invited to important meetings.

(2) The person's superiors stop communicating.

(3) Co-workers start to avoid the person.

(4) The person does not know or care what superiors wants.

(5) The person no longer gets or is asked to give feedback.

(6) The person compares performance to underperformers at work.


Additional signs:

(1) The worker's group is not meeting corporate expectations.

(2) Duties are being assigned to others.

(3) The person has been asked to train someone.

(4) The person is in conflict with superiors.

(5) The person's behavior is not acceptable.

(6) The person lacks essential skills.

(7) The person makes superiors look bad.

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