Hypoglycemia can cause a spectrum of findings depending on its severity and duration. Severe hypoglycemia can be life-threatening and prompt recognition may be required to prevent serious sequelae.


Clinical settings where encountered:

(1) insulin reaction in a diabetic

(2) self-injection of insulin

(3) paraneoplastic syndrome

(4) drug-induced

(5) starvation


General symptoms:

(1) sweating

(2) heart palpitations

(3) hunger



(1) tingling in the hands, feet, lips or tongue

(2) tremor

(3) headache

(4) restlessness

(5) unsteady movements

(6) sleep disturbances

(7) blurred vision

(8) slurred speech (may be thought to be drunk)

(9) seizures



(1) depressed mood

(2) anxiety

(3) irritability

(4) abnormal (bizarre) behavior

(5) personality changes


Changes in consciousness:

(1) dizziness

(2) lightheadedness

(3) inability to concentrate

(4) drowsiness

(5) disorientation

(6) unconsciousness or coma

(7) death


Severe hypoglycemia involves the occurrence of seizures, disorientation, and/or loss of consciousness.


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