Rarely a malignant lymphoma may show signet ring cells. The presence of signet ring cells may cause problems if it is assumed that the patient has a metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma.


Features of signet ring cell lymphomas:

(1) The presence of signet ring cells.

(2) Cytokeratin markers are negative.

(3) Markers for other tumors with signet ring cells negative.

(4) Markers for lymphoid differentiation are positive.


Signet ring cell lymphomas may be:

(1) B cell (CD20, other)

(2) T cell

(3) myeloma


The diagnosis may not be a problem if

(1) there is involvement of the lymph nodes or spleen.

(2) there is evidence of progression to a higher grade of lymphoma


Diagnosis can be a problem if the lymphoma involves extranodal sites - skin, thyroid, tonsil, central nervous system, salivary gland, etc. It can be a real problem if it involves the stomach or large intestine.


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