Sialadenosis is a bilateral swelling of the parotid glands usually associated with an underlying systemic disorder.


Clinical features of sialadenosis:

(1) both parotid glands swollen, with occasional involvement of submandibular glands

(2) persistent enlargement

(3) painless

(4) soft on palpation

(5) exclusion of other causes (inflammatory, neoplastic, autoimmune)

(6) size does not fluctuate with meals

(7) saliva flow is free and clear

(8) diffuse gland hypertrophy with reduced fat on ultrasound or CT scan

(9) ducts are patent on sialography with a normal pattern and caliber for diffuse gland hypertrophy

(10) an autonomic neuropathy with widespread demyelinating polyneuropathy may be present


Conditions associated with sialadenosis:

(1) alcoholic liver disease

(2) diabetes mellitus

(3) other endocrine disorders

(4) malnutrition

(5) idiopathic


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