Lobo et al monitored C-reactive protein (CRP) in patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). CRP is an acute phase reactant, and a patient's outcome correlate with CRP levels on admission and during the ICU stay. The authors are from Erasme Hospital of the Free University of Brussels.


Measurement: serum C-reactive protein in mg/dL on admission and at 48 hours after admission.


Normal CRP was < 1 mg/dL.


The patient's course and prognosis was worse if:

(1) the admission CRP concentration was > 10 mg/dL

(2) the CRP concentration at 48 hours was greater than the admission CRP (if the admission CRP was > 10 mg/dL)


Associations with an elevated serum CRP:

(1) number of organ failures

(2) stay in the ICU

(3) mortality rate


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