A serial bomber is a person who intermittently places a number of explosive devices over a period of time.


(1) rational (part of a carefully planned agenda to achieve some goal)

(2) political

(3) psychological, including revenge


A serial bomber:

(1) may derive pleasure over the planning and making of the bombs

(2) may intentionally leave a hallmark or signature

(3) follow news accounts of episodes

(4) feel a sense of power or being in control

(5) feel anger against a real or imagined threat

(6) evolve bomb making techniques over time with greater experience, while retaining certain features


Tasks involved:

(1) research

(2) planning

(3) design

(4) buying components

(5) avoiding detection

(6) building the device

(7) target acquisition

(8) delivery of the device


Differential diagnosis:

(1) spree bomber (places a number of bombs in a short period of time, without a bomb-free interval)

(2) use of grenades in addition to firearms

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