Dominioni and Dionigi used the Sepsis Index of Survival (SIS) to grade the severity of sepsis in the surgical patient and to predict survival. The authors are from the University of Pavia in Italy.

sepsis index of survival in percent =

= probability that the patient will survive the septic episode =

= 121 + (0.26 * (complement factor B in mg/dL)) + (0.36 * (alpha-1 acid glycoprotein in mg/dL)) – (6 * (sepsis score of Dionigi et al))



• The sepsis score of Dionigi et al is described above.

• To keep the score from reading > 100, MIN(100,SIS) can be used.



• A score >= 50 at sepsis onset identified 88% of survivors in the study.

• A score < 50 at sepsis onset identified 86% of nonsurvivors.



• The reference ranges for complement factor B and alpha-1 acid glycoprotein were not given. The index may need to be adjusted to incorporate differences in analytic methods.

• These 2 measurements are usually not available in small hospitals, and would need to be sent to a reference laboratory, which would limit the timeliness of findings. However, since the score was found to predict outcome 10 days prior to the event, the score may still be useful in some situations.

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