Walker et al reported a screening tool for late-onset neonatal bacteremia. This can help to identify a patient who may require more aggressive management. The authors are from Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and University of Toronto in Toronto, Canada.

Patient: neonate


Late-onset bacteremia: onset >= 72 hours after admission to NICU



(1) maximum blood glucose in mmol/L

(2) maximum heart rate in beats per minute

(3) percent bands in the differential count

(4) maximum absolute neutrophil count in 10^9/L





0.752 * (glucose)

heart rate

0.119 * (heart rate)

percent bands

0.108 * (percent bands)

absolute neutrophil count

0.071 * (count)



• The heart rate is the main determinant of the final score.


value of X =

= SUM(poitns for all of the parameters) - 25.459


probability of bacteremia =

= 1 / (1 + EXP((-1) * X))



• The area under the ROC curve is 0.89.

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