Beck et al screened for social risk issues by embedding questions in the electronic health record (EHR). This can make screening more accessible so that a patient at risk can be identified. The authors are from Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Screening questions:

(1) Are you doing OK making ends meet?

(2) In the past month did anyone in your family go hungry because there was not enough money?

(3) Are you having problems receiving public benefits (WIC, food stamps, daycare vouchers, etc)?

(4) Do you have problems with housing conditions (overcrowding, lead, rodents, utilities, etc)?

(5) Do you feel that you and/or your children are safe in your relationships?

(6) Over the past 2 weeks have felt down, depressed or hopeless?

(7) Over the past 2 weeks have you felt little interest or pleasure in doing things?



Item 5 relates to personal safety.

Items 6 and 7 are screening questions for depression.


Responses are yes or no.



minimum number of social problems: 0

maximum number of social problems: 7

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