Fabian et al evaluated trauma patients for findings associated with blunt trauma to the carotid artery. Imaging studies can help to identify these patients who may benefit from anticoagulation or other clinical interventions. The authors are from the University of Tennessee and the Presley Regional Trauma Center in Memphis.

Patient selection: blunt trauma (usually vehicular)


Indications for vascular studies to exclude blunt carotid trauma:

(1) soft tissue injury to the anterior neck

(2) neurologic deficits incompatible with CT scan of brain

(3) development of unexplained neurologic deficit after admission (with or without CT changes)

(4) Horner's syndrome


Neurologic deficits to look for include:

(1) hemiparesis

(2) hemiplegia

(3) monoparesis

(4) monoplegia

(5) aphasia or dysphasia

(6) depressed affect

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