Given et al identified caregivers who may be suffering distress associated with providing care for a patient with end-stage cancer. The authors are from Michigan State University.


Caregiver at risk for feeling distress:

(1) adult child of the patient AND employed, OR other nonspouse

(2) female gender

(3) caring for a patient who has just been diagnosed AND who is end-stage

(4) caring for a patient with multiple symptoms (especially those associated with apparent suffering)

(5) needing to perform tasks which bother the caregiver


A caregiver who is a spouse and who is employed may feel less distress.


Manifestations of the distress:

(1) depression and/or anxiety

(2) feelings of abandonment

(3) difficulty in handling schedule (balancing multiple competing tasks, especially work)

(4) feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or helpless


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