Sun et al reported a scoring system to assess the severity of ichthyosis in a pediatric or adult patient. This can be used to monitor the patient over time. The authors are multiple institutions in the United States.

Patient selection: ichthyosis


Parameters assessed:

(1) erythema

(2) scale


Sites assessed:

(1) scalp

(2) face

(3) neck

(4) torso

(5) elbows

(6) palms

(7) upper extremities excluding palms and elbows

(8) lower extremities excluding knees and soles of feet

(9) knees

(10) soles


Grading: Likert scales from 0 to 4


Subscores can be calculated:

(1) for each site

(2) for each parameter


total score=

= SUM(points for all of the parameters)



• minimum subscore or score: 0

• maximum subscore for each parameter: 40

• maximum subscore for each site: 8

• maximum total score: 80

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