Periodic colonoscopy can significantly reduce the risk of invasive colon adenocarcinoma.


These are general guidelines. Individual gastroenterologists may prefer or clinical situations may warrant a different schedule.

Clinical Findings


complete excision of a peduncalated polyp containing an adenocarcinoma

2 to 6 months AND 12 months

inadequately removed adenoma

2 to 6 months

11 or more adenomas

12 to 24 months

adenoma with high grade dysplasia, completely removed

12 to 24 months

3 to 10 adenomas

3 years

1 to 2 adenomas

5 years

history of colon adenocarcinoma in first degree relatives

5 years

1 or 2 small hyperplastic polyps

10 years

no risk factors

10 years


The presence of an invasive adenocarcinoma that is incompletely excised is an indication for surgical resection of the affected segment of bowel.


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