The SAVASI is a self-assessment version of the VASI (Vitiligo Area Scoring Index) for a patient with vitiligo. The authors are from the Academic Medical Centre Amsterdam, MC Haaglanden and VU Medical Centre in The Netherlands.

Patient selection: vitiligo


Differences from VASI: 7 body regions (versus 5)


Body regions:

(1) face and neck

(2) trunk

(3) genital region

(4) upper extremities excluding hands

(5) hands

(6) lower extremities exluding feet

(7) feet


Depigmentation grades:

(1) 0%

(2) 10%

(3) 25%

(4) 50%

(5) 75%

(6) 90%

(7) 100%


The unit of measure for affected skin area is the hand palm, which represents approximately 1% of body surface area (handpalm rule).


There are 2 ways of measuring the skin score:

(1) measuring each depigmentation grade over the entire body (combining regions)

(2) measuring each depigmentation grade in each region then summating for the whole body


basic skin score =

= (number of handpalms) * (depigmentation grade)


cumulative skin score =

= SUM(basic skin scores for entire body)



• minimum cumulative skin score: 0

• maximum cumulative skin score: 1 (or 100%)

• The maximum cumulative score is 100% of body surface area showing 100% depigmentation.

• Changes in the SAVASI can be used to monitor change in disease severity and response to therapy.



• Since this is a self-assesment score, some body areas will be less accessible than others for examination.

• There would be considerable variation in measuring areas. Digital whole body photographs would offer greater consistency in measurements.

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