Kinoshita et al reported the SASA score, which combines the Surgical Apgar Score and ASA physical status. This can help to predict postoperative mortality. The authors are from Tokyo Women's Medical University.

Patient selection: surgical patient



(1) Surgical Apgar Score (based on blood loss, mean arterial blood pressure and minimum heart rate, from 0 to 10)

(2) ASA status, from 1 to 5 (or 6 for a brain-dead patient)



= (surgical Apgar score) + (2 * (6 - (ASA))) =

= (surgical Apgar score) - (2 * (ASA)) + 12



minimum SASA: 2 with ASA 5

maximum SASA: 20

The higher the score the better the survival.


The unadjusted odds ratio for mortality increased by 9.56 for each 4-point decrease in SASA, which correlates to:


cumulative unadjusted odds ratio =

= 9.56 ^ ((20 - (SASA))/4)



The area under the ROC curve is 0.87.

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