Kashini et al reported the Sarcopenia Index (SI) which can provide an estimate of skeletal muscle mass in an ICU patient. The authors are from Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

Patient selection: adult (>= 18 years of age), critically-ill patient


Exclusion: acute kidney injury (AKI) on admission


Parameters on admission:

(1) serum creatinine in mg/dL

(2) serum cystatin in mg/L


sarcopenia index =

= (serum creatinine) / (serum cystatin C) * 100



• The sarcopenia index for the study cohort was 57 +/- 19.

• The higher the SI the better the outcome. The mean for nonsurvivors was 46 and for survivors was 60, with considerable overlap in the interval between.



• The AUC for 90-day mortality is 0.70 and for ICU mortality is 0.63.

• The r-correlation between sarcopenia index and muscle mass is 0.62.

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