There are a variety of mining scams, one of which is salting a mine. The same strategy can be used in other areas.

Basics of a mine salting scam:

(1) A mine is worthless.

(2) A precious metal, gem or mineral is placed around the mine in order to give the impression that the mine is very rich.


Avoiding the salting scam:

(1) Being knowledgeable about mining.

(2) Assaying multiple samples from multiple sites.

(3) Personally selecting the sites to be sampled and observing the sample collection.

(4) Sealing the samples to avoid tampering.

(5) Using a certified laboratory to perform the assay.

(6) Get an outside opinion.


Tip-offs of a possible scam:

(1) The copy of the assay results is not an original, looks suspicious or shows inconsistencies.

(2) The seller criticizes the assay laboratory.

(3) The seller is hesitant about proper sampling.

(4) Claims are made for an uncommon metal or mineral for a region.

(5) Additional fees or expenses.

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