Safety training is an essential factor for reducing accidents and hazards in the workplace.

Healthcare workers:

(1) new hires

(2) existing workers


Training Issue New Hires Existing
basic skills for position orientation refresher for competency
enhanced skills NA career development
problem correction based on issues identified from the group based on individual performance review
equipment orientation new or newly identified problems
hazards orientation and awareness new or newly identified problems
services provided orientation new or newly identified problem


Risk factors for accidents that need to be addressed in training and supervision:

(1) inexperience

(2) demands exceeding skill level

(3) tiredness or exhaustion

(4) ignoring rules

(5) intoxication

(6) illness

(7) inadequate or improper supervision (failure to enforce rules, etc)


Hazards in the workplace:

(1) physical

(2) chemical

(3) infectious

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