Compilato et al proposed the Simple-Complex-Destroying (S-C-D) classification system for a patient with a long-standing oral ulcer. The authors are from the University of Palermo, II University of Naples, New York University and University of Foggia.


Patient selection: ulceration not healing withing 2 weeks, classified as simple


Differential diagnosis of a simple ulceration – benign:

(1) trauma

(2) necrotizing sialometaplasia

(3) eosinophilic ulcer

(4) Riga-Fede disease

(5) familial dysautonomia

(6) syphilis

(7) tuberculosis

(8) deep mycosis

(9) actinomycosis


Differential diagnosis of a simple ulceration – malignant:

(1) squamous cell carcinoma

(2) malignant salivary gland tumor

(3) Kaposi’s sarcoma

(4) hematologic malignancy

(5) malignant melanoma

(6) metastasis


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