Russian roulette is a bizarre "game" that uses a revolver. It can end badly for one of the players. Some deaths are accidents, some are homicides and some are suicides.


The basic game:

(1) A revolver has 1 bullet placed in the cylinder.

(2) The cylinder is spun.

(3) A player places the barrel against his/her temple and pulls the trigger.

(4) The gun is passed to the next player who repeats steps 2 and 3.


There are many variations.


odds of the player being shot =

= (number of bullets loaded) / (number of chambers in the cylinder)


Risk factors:

(1) alcohol and/or drug intoxication

(2) extreme boredom

(3) mental illness (unable to understand the danger involved)

(4) suicidal

(5) young males playing chicken or showing bravado


Ways to game the system:

(1) catch a glimpse of the upcoming chamber prior to pulling the trigger

(2) palm the bullet

(3) switch in a fake bullet

(4) use a revolver with more than 6 chambers


As pointed out by Di Maio it is important to be familiar with how the cylinder rotates in the gun being used. Some rotate clockwise while others rotate counterclockwise. A bullet visible in a chamber may be good luck or bad depending on how the cylinder rotates.


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