Functional vomiting can be diagnosed using criteria proposed at the Rome II conference.


Criteria - all of the following:

(1) A duration of symptoms >= 12 cumulative weeks over the past 12 months (may or may not be consecutive).

(2) Frequent episodes of vomiting (>= 1 episode per day for >= 3 days per week)

(3) Exclusion of underlying physical disease following a complete examination.

(4) Exclusion of self-induced and/or medication-induced vomiting.

(5) Exclusion of an eating disorder, rumination or major psychiatric disorder.


Exclusions for physical disease:

(1) gastrointestinal disorder, including obstruction, delayed gastric emptying, GERD or other conditions

(2) neurologic disorder, including autonomic dysfunction

(3) metabolic disorder, including electrolyte and endocrine disorders


Differential diagnosis:

(1) functional dyspepsia (consider if vomiting occasional)


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