The risk of injury to rectum, urinary bladder and urethra following pelvic fracture is affected by the location of the fracture(s). A patient with these pelvic fracture types should undergo further evaluation to exclude these injuries.


Risk of injury to rectum:

(1) widened symphysis (relative risk 4.71, p < 0.0001)

(2) fracture of the sacroiliac joint (relative risk 3.3, p = 0.009)

(3) fracture of the sacrum


Risk of injury to urinary bladder:

(1) widened symphysis (relative risk 7.22, p < 0.001)

(2) fracture of the sacroiliac joint (relative risk 6.04, p < 0.001)

(3) fracture of the sacrum (relative risk 4.25, p = 0.002)


Risk of injury to the urethra:

(1) widened symphysis (relative risk 6.42, p = 0.019)

(2) fracture of the inferior ramus (relative risk 11.71, p = 0.007)


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