A patient with the nephrotic syndrome is at risk for hypercoagulability.

Pathogenesis: urinary excretion of physiologic anticoagulants (antithrombin III, protein S, protein C)


Types of thrombosis may include:

(1) deep vein with pulmonary embolism

(2) renal vein

(3) portal vein

(4) cerebral venous sinus

(5) coronary artery

(6) carotid artery

(7) femoral artery


Risk factors for thrombosis:

(1) type of glomerulopathy (membranous nephropathy, lupus nephritis, other)

(2) obesity (BMI >= 30 kg per square meter)

(3) sepsis

(4) intravenous corticosteroids

(5) hemoconcentration

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